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The goal of this site

The goal of iliketheparkway is stated on www.iliketheparkway.com. This wiki is for iliketheparkway volunteers - to organize, collect information, and find out how to help.

What should I do?

Find a project on one of the pages below that you'd like to help on, and get crackin'! Post your results back here so everyone can benefit from them.

Volunteer Projects & Opportunities

Who Should be on the Community Board
structure/Responsibilities of the Community Board
Motion Picture Heritage Corporation

What the heck is a wiki?

Don't be scared. A wiki is basically a website that is really easy for groups of people to edit. It's a place where you can easily put the work you've been doing for iliketheparkway.

Click "Edit" at the bottom of any page to start editing. Still confused? Check out the Wikidot documentation.

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