Notes from Community Meeting Rooz Cafe 05.31.09

Notes from I like the Parkway Neighborhood meeting 05.31.09


This meeting will decide our endorsement of the Motion Picture Heritage Corporation (Midwest nonprofit interested in leasing) – wants community involvement - Chengs and Pat Kernighan are favorable

Firm wants board of 5 community members. Peter recommends:

Steve Ma – president: Lake Merritt Business Association
Greg (high school intern co-ordinator) or someone involved with high schools
Senior involvement

Adam Katz:

Motion Picture Heritage Corp. formed recently by Bill (movie buff) and Joe Galligan (into movies & rock concerts) to re-open their local drive-in

Two chains are obscurely involved:

Nova Cinetech - 115 screens (family connection?)
Republic Theaters - 5 theaters

- If the funding is corporate, “market pressure” may be a better tactic than “activism”


Survey launched 1 week ago – 725 responses, mainly local (will close in three days or when we reach 1000)


Beer & couches essential
Large interest in membership
Community events don’t need to be free – Sliding scale?
Need volunteers to sort essay responses


Mission: can we define?
Structure & composition of board – how elected / appointed? By whom? What powers? Who gets represented? (Two definitions of “community” – Parkway-ites and the area in general: key is to get zip code info. up on survey)
possible examples:
member from merchant's association
activist from schools
(non-local) Parkway enthusiast
local activist

Cabaret license for live performance?
Parking and crime are huge issues in getting people outside neighborhood to come to Parkway
shuttle to theater from BART, senior days/matinees
Jean Quan: gather zip code information, makes it easier to entice businesses to fill gaps in neighborhood (she cited her sushi and Italian restaurants in Dimond/Laurel as examples)


Wiki is online to invite public response

send releases to the Chinese newspapers
Sarah-encoding survey responses

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