Survey Results

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In this area, we'll collect results from the Parkway survey.

Essay Question #1:
If the Parkway were to reopen today, what would you change about the movie-going experience (programming or environmental)?

Essay Question #2:
If the Parkway reopened today, what would you like to see improved in the food department?


  1. Determine how to organize ourselves (Do we divide the survey responses into even numbers and divvy out among volunteers, or do we assign volunteers to work on specific questions? or both?).
  2. Create organizational buckets for collecting like responses. The most obvious bucket from my quick review is the "Don't change a thing, it was perfect!" bucket. Other than that, we need a flexible system for growing or shrinking the buckets.
  3. Create structure for collecting words of wisdom or phrases that we want to highlight (maybe a few quotes for each of the buckets, plus a misc category?)
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